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You know it’s winter…

…when it takes barely two minutes to bleach a streetcorner:


When will it ever stop?

It is the second week of March, and it is quite possibly the advent of another ice age. Say goodbye to life as you know it, and say hello to death by freezing. So basically, say goodbye to life in general.

Snow in March

So it’s finally March, the month where spring lovers rejoice over rays of sunlight breaking the heavy clouds of winter.

Not. It’s March, the month where it’s just as snowy as it was the last few months.

This has been another presentation in my lazy “window view” category. It really becomes more and more difficult to come up with original content nowadays. Ah, how I miss the days when you could easily impress your visitors with an animated GIF of a bleeding separator.

Freeze Frame

Frozen snow is a great victim for amateurs like me. Click the image to see a few more photos.

It’s snowing, again

Well, Winter doesn’t seem to be over just yet. I really hope this doesn’t drag into March.

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