Gabarage bag

Yesterday I was finally able to pick up my gabarage bag. I had ordered this gem of individualistic design two weeks ago, and although they said it could take up to five weeks, I expected it to take much less. Well, and it did. So, if you’re in Vienna, and you want a cool new bag, custom made from used or new truck tarps, check out their website [de].

Naschmarkt brunch

We went to buy delicacies and have brunch at the Naschmarkt:

coffee and liquorice
Now that I’ve sworn off the cancer-stick, on to my next infatuation: liquorice. The good thing about it: it’s not forbidden in public buildings. The bad thing: it’s remarkably unlike a cigarette.

ham and eggs
My brunch. Ham & eggs. Everyone else ordered exotic stuff like “Turkish breakfast” or “Wafer breakfast”. Not for me. I like my ham.

largest pumpkin
This is by far the largest pumpkin I’ve been face to face with. The text says:
I’m a risotto pumpkin.
I say:
What the fuck?

Backyard metalfest

Yesterday my brother had his farewell party in our backyard. There were three of his pal-bands scheduled to play, but only “H.A.L.” was fortunate enough to get through their whole set. About halfway through the set of “I not dance” , the heat showed up and after threatening to take away the instruments, they had destroyed what could have easily become the best backyard party ever (I would have liked seeing them carry off the drum kit though). Unfortunately, through the brave intervention of our powerful Austrian police force, “The Omission” – nomen est omen – didn’t get a chance to take off the edge of the night’s musical presentations.

Here’s a picture of H.A.L.’s explosive renditions of good old party music:

blurry metal

Finally, here’s an artistically valuable picture of post-party mayhem:

blurry metal

On leisure and birthdays

I don’t know why some people don’t like birthdays. Their own, that is. I’ve had a ball yesterday with my family, friends and fantastic girlfriend, who even took it upon her to sit inside a train for eight hours, just so she could spend two and a half days with me.

Well, I was once again rewarded for being the coolest guy in the universe by getting present after present. I spent the day doing nothing, as I did today, apart from eating and experiencing a serious case of leisure. Thank you all for reacting to my rather pathetic attempt to raise the number of well-wishers to more than five. As a reward, you may admire what results from me having too much time on my hands: a picture of my new coffee-cup.

the coffee cup