Porno Viennese

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Well, Austria’s made international headlines again. In the course of a government sponsored art project which lasted all year, posters were put up all over Vienna depicting the lower torso of a woman, wearing nothing but panties displaying the logo of the EU. Adding to this lewd image fit to send each and every law-abiding, righteous Austrian into a screaming seizure of indignation, another poster was put up which depicted three people wearing the masks of The Queen, Bush and Chirac engaging in what seems to be a sexual act.

Today these posters were pulled from the streets. There is of course all sorts of screaming and finger pointing going on as well. The opposition and various officials of the Catholic church (who know their way around pornography scandals) want to see blood and a few heads rolling; the most prominent right-wing newspaper is in a constant state of hysteria over public funding for “so-called art” and everyone’s screaming murder anyways.

I won’t add much more to this self-explanatory development, but I’d like to point you to the Wikipedia entry of “L’Origine du monde”, a painting by 19th century artist Gustave Courbet, which served as the original for the EU logo poster. Now, considering that Austria’s billboards are covered by almost nude and sometimes even nude models trying to sell you everything from shower-gel to yogurt, I think the artist couldn’t have proved her point much better than by having the posters taken down. History’s repeating itself, and hypocrisy uncovered is still as much fun today as I’m sure it was back in the 19th century.

Christmas roundup

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Well, Christmas is over, and here are a few things of note:

* I fulfilled myself a childhood dream, namely making eggnog. Actually, it never really was a childhood dream, but I stumbled upon this recipe via lifehacker, reminding me of the fact that I should try making eggnog at least once in my life. Reactions were mixed, including a puking incident. I think I’ll skip the eggnog next year.

Unlike other people who prepare lists like that, I haven’t actually jotted down more than above item for me to remember and use on here. Thus I’ll have to discontinue that list and leave you laughing about that funny eggnog incident until I’ve come up with a few more anecdotes from this year’s jolly season.

Legal reading age

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I just perused the internets to see if I’d find any information on a wine we sometimes buy, and found this winery called Gallo of Sonoma, which produces said wine. Here comes the interesting part: As I wanted to actually enter the site, meaning getting past the splash screen, I was greeted by this message:

If you are not of legal drinking age you may not enter this site.

followed by a pulldown menu which let me enter my date of birth.

Now, the dangers of alcoholism are really well-documented, and I’d be the last one to protest measures against heavy drinking, but I didn’t know that you’re not even allowed to read about alcohol if you’re not of legal age! READ!

Well, this surely solves the question what all these underaged kids are doing online all the time…no, they’re not surfing porn sites or illegally downloading music, they are actually reading up on alcohol, getting all high on pictures of beercans and delicate bouteilles of chilled white wine.