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On distractions

The more avid readers of this website may have noticed a scandalous lack of postings lately. And if there were postings, they were uninspired regurgitations of images, links or, well, nothing much at all.

This has to change. But in order to change it, I first have to find out the reasons for this change in pace.

Thanks to my tremendous introspective skills, I have of course already spotted the culprit: distraction! These days, everything is distracting me:

I’m distracted by things like Twitter, the service that just doesn’t want you to shut up.
I’m distracted by my camera and Flickr, because all they want is for me to shoot photos and upload them for all the world to see.
I’m distracted by the thousands of items Google Reader pushes at me each day, expecting me to go through them at once, lest I want that dreaded ’100+’ next to the feed, indicating in a shameful way that there are people out there who write things faster than I could ever read them.
I’m distracted by my computer-mouse, because it keeps clicking me through all the above mentioned services, and I keep ending up at places like this, watching people declare their lucid views in professionally produced amateur videos.

And finally I’m distracted by the fact that I’ve forgotten how to end blog posts. That one witty line, that bonmot, that final question that will linger on your mind for the remainders of your day, I just don’t know how to do it anymore.

But it’s all going to change, because I

(succumb to cheap thrills.)

I hope it stays alive

These days, when 90 percent of the comments I receive on here are spam comments (of course not counting the ones already captures by my Spam plugin Akismet), even nice little notes in between links of girth enhancing pills and mortgage plans can make my day.

Like the one I deleted today, where a nice woman not only praised my site, but right before she had added the links to the product she so elegantly tried to market, she wished my site would “always stay alive!”.

And even though her motives were not as pure as one would wish, I did feel flattered.

And that is how pathetic I am.

Cold hands in cold gloves

Sometimes it takes you ages to find out things you actually should have noticed right away. Today I noticed the following about myself: When I put my cold hands into my cold gloves, neither of the two sets will warm up.

Now, this may seem like a negligible toe-nail clipping to you, but it’s an insight that will quite probably help me in keeping my hands warm from now on. And even though the current temperature drop is just a break in a wonderfully springlike wave, it’ll be nice to know about the “cold hands-cold gloves theorem” next winter.

What I found out

Last week, while waiting for a contemporary Swedish dance show to start, I suddenly realized that I know the word fish in five languages:

# fish
# Fisch
# fisk
# sakana
# piscis

Must be the Swedish air.

Automated French Fries

When you sit on a train for eight hours, you start noticing strange things. For example that woman whose hat looks like something just died on her head.

On my latest day-travel I noticed something I had totally forgotten about over the years, but which is still quite intriguing today. It’s what I lovingly call a “French Fries Machine”. See, as we passed through a train station I saw a machine which, within two minutes, will serve you hot, delicious french fries.

When I was a kid, physically, I sometimes had french fries out of a machine like that, but the machine, located near my school’s bus stop, suddenly disappeared. I was heart-broken and always wondered if maybe they had finally noticed that their way of heating the fries was a bit less than what people commonly refer to as “not poisonous”.

Apparently the machines are back, so either they changed their method or their management. Either way is fine with me. So, although people always tell you to not try and relive the past, I’ll have to taste those fries again. I’ll tell you how it went.

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