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The Man

Here’s something to ponder: There’s this TV-show called CSI, and it seems that people either love it or hate it. I, and I’m not afraid to admit it, love it. All three versions of it. There’s just something soothing in watching beautiful people get bludgeoned to death. Which of course is not true, it’s devastating, but really quite entertaining. So, I can’t understand those people who don’t fall for something as shiny as that.

But there’s more. Strangely enough, deep within the CSI-lover’s universe, there’s a rift of its own. There are those who admire Horatio Cane, the unrelenting moralist of CSI: Miami. And there are those who despise him. I, once again, am not ashamed to admit that I’m a fervent admirer of Cane, whose morals are impeccable and who doesn’t shy away from handing out his business card to any kid that remotely seems like it could need some help by a cop sometime in the future. Seeing this man crushing his opponents with his little, sardonic smile and a whip of his shades is just the kind of entertainment I’m turning my TV on for. Sure, his total lack of humour can be used against the man, but seriously, who needs humour when you’re so cool you could make a hot-dog freeze (haha, ok, that one was lame).

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that despite all those nay-sayers, Horatio Cane is the man.

Knight Rider

I know I’m a bit late, but here’s something I noticed a few days back.

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the IOC announced in Guatemala who would hold the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. Salzburg was among the cities that really wanted to hold these games. It didn’t even survive the first round. Austrian chancellor, Salzburg’s mayor and a bunch of other people were quite distraught, but that’s not really what I want to talk about here.

The thing is, during the news, right after it had become clear that Salzburg was out, Austrian television talked to someone from the Austrian delegation who stood in some lobby in Guatemala. I wasn’t really interested in the self-pitty on display, so I scanned the background, and to my utter surprise, what do I see playing on a large plasma-TV? Well, yes, Knight Rider!

So there’s my patriotism. I’m more excited about a crappy old TV-show than the fact that Salzburg once again didn’t make it.

Lunch and Simpsons

In an effort to actually eat all the food I took home from the Easter vacation, I recently devoured the equivalent of about half a cow and two whole pigs during the 25 minutes of one Simpsons episode.

It gets hardly better than that.

PS: I just noticed I didn’t have a category for “Food” until now. What gives?

Oskar Werner…All Caught Up

The Internets is full of wondrous things, one of which is this tribute video to Oskar Werner I found on YouTube. While the fact that something like this exists on YouTube only slightly mystifies me, I do wonder though why the creator of this video chose to add a song which is not only dull, but also by a Christian singer? To my knowledge Werner drunk himself to death, more or less. Boring? Maybe. Christian? Not really.

Well, enjoy the clip. And by the way, commenting is not a crime. Yet.

The Brothers Lionheart

When we were young, my parents always made sure we had enough books to read. One of the most read authors back then was Astrid Lindgren, whose books always were a lot more than simple youth fiction. Her books brilliantly managed to capture what it’s like to be a kid, especially when all there is around you is a grown-up’s world. It didn’t matter whether they were stories about opposing robber’s bands, an orphan boy who finds out he’s actually a prince or two brothers who meet again in a magical afterlife.

The Brothers Lionheart, the one about the two brothers, was always a book I loved. Not least because I thought that with me being a lion sign-wise, the whole story was written for me in a way (well, I was a kid, what do you expect?). But not only the book, I was also fascinated by the movie that was created in 1977 (with a screenplay adapted by Astrid Lindgren herself). Back then, this blend of adventure, death, black clad evil knights and not least a dragon was perfect to draw me in. And to this day I’m searching for the soundtrack, which had such a sweet opening tune, I’m sometimes dreaming about hearing it again.

Well, and I will hear it again soon, because some kind soul in some Swedish production company, sometime in 2004, decided to not let this gem of childhood memories slide into oblivion, and so issued it on DVD, complete with German subtitles (because my Swedish is still rather basic, and they must have known). I ordered the DVD today (and who would have known that rekindling your favourite childhood moments is as cheap as 9,99 Euros).

And if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I advise you do the same (unless you are my girlfriend, then you’ll have to watch it in about four days anyway).

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