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The Google Trap

Went and saw a discussion at the Thalia-bookshop here in Vienna about a new book by an Austrian journalist titled “Die Google Falle” (The Google Trap).

Unfortunately, it was the worst panel discussion I’ve ever witnessed.

Here are a few points they should consider next time they hold something like that:

    • Apart from the author, don’t just invite marketing hacks. Telling people about the wonders of Adwords will not counter the arguments of someone who fears world dominance through data-mining. Find someone who knows about the Internets well enough to counter certain arguments by the author.
    • When selecting a moderator, make sure he knows what the term “moderate” means. If he’s more fervent in detailing horror scenarios about the abuse of data collected by Google, he should not have been the moderator.
    • If you bring up all the evil things Google does, let audience members who clearly know more about the subject matter than anyone on stage talk about it. That’s what makes events like that interesting.
    • Make sure the author knows how to behave. Having him accuse a member of the audience (!) of being a Google fanboy, only because he didn’t share the author’s sentiment about the evils of collecting information about a visitor’s screen-resolution, is not just ridiculous, it’s simply not professional.
  • Generally, I can’t say a whole lot about the quality of the book, as I haven’t read it. But gathered from the quality of the arguments brought forth during the discussion, I’m pretty sure I’d be better off spending those 20€ on something more worthwhile.

    GMail goes colour

    Well, to hell with my separate tech-blog, I need to write about this here:
    After releasing a tricked-out new version of GMail only a few weeks ago, the busy GMail team has now introduced a funky new feature called, tellingly, “colored labels”. And well, that’s what it is.

    They don’t offer a stunning array of colours, but using just the few, your GMail inbox will never look the same! Well, mine certainly doesn’t. After having looked at it for a few minutes now, I actually think it looks just a tad too fancy. Gone are the days of GMail simplicity. Oh well, I’ll get used to it.

    Check out this page to read more about it!

    Lava lamp = laid-back

    Why is it that whenever someone is trying to show just how laid-back the atmosphere in the Googleplex is, that they emphasize on these stupid lava lamps? Since when is the lava lamp the one and only beacon of laid-backness? What is so damn laid-back about a bottle-shaped container filled with wax and oil? Come on!

    Check out this photo in a TIME pictorial from inside the Googleplex. The caption reads:

    Desktop gizmos and lava lamps express Google’s laid-back ethos.

    Hell, even if lava lamp really means laid-back, I can’t for the life of me spot a single lava lamp in that picture! Why are the mentioning that, when it’s not even there? Anyone?

    Google Pages

    Well, just in time with Microsoft’s announcement to remove their crappy web-editing tool “Frontpage” from upcoming Office releases , Google launches their own, ultra-smooth web-editing tool, Google Pages. But wait, it’s not just online editing, it’s actually a web-page suite. It’s got a page manager, loads of templates to choose from, you can upload pictures and files. And the best thing? It’s all done in AJAX, of course.

    With this tool, it’s really a five minute thing to have a quick website up. When you save pages you’ve created, they automatically create a subdomain to googlepages.com for you (www.googlepages redirects to pages.google.com). Now if that isn’t smooth, what is?

    If you’ve ever wanted to have a small web-page, but were afraid of all it takes to get it up, then this quite probably is the tool for you (if you like to customize your templates with, say, your own banner, and like to create your web-pages in a text editor, then, of course, it’s not for you).

    I don’t know yet if they’ll put any ads on the pages, but I’m pretty sure they will. I’ll check with the FAQ.

    Now, if only they could pull out of China again, everything could be the way it used to be (between the two of us).

    Google Reader

    Knowing that Google usually is really interested in what I have to say about their products, I’ve decided to chime in on the bashing of Google’s newest product, Google Reader. It sucks. It really does. What the hell were they thinking? How can anyone release something like this, even into beta, without the sole intention of running their business into the ground?
    Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for a Feedlounge invite.

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