In which I finally present a new give-away

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It has been a rather long while since the last give-away I received. Actually, the whole experiment hasn’t been as vibrant as I had imagined, but hey, that’s what experiments are for. Tor prove or disprove. In my case, the hypothesis of the thousand give-aways turning me into a rich man has been definitely disproven. Mainly because I give people angry looks when they approach me. Hell, someone could be trying to hand me 10,000 € in cash, and I’d never know. On the other hand, looking interested in each and everyone approaching me would probably turn me either into a homeless or a madman. Or quite possibly both.

Today I saw someone handing out something that looked like more than just a leaflet, so I paced my way just right so she could hand me one of those packages. And here it is:


Only when I unpacked it I noticed that it was microwave popcorn. I don’t own a microwave, and my anti-social tendencies have provided me with a rather low number of friends who do own one: zero.

In case you’re wondering. “Bob” is a new cell-phone company. Its claim to fame? Very cheap rates and a marketing budget the size of Albania’s GDP.

Uni give-away #4

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Well, who would have thought that the category “university give-aways” I created about three months ago would be such an extreme case of absolute failure? I mean, usually I’m showered with cheap lighters and exotic drinks throughout the whole semester, but it seems that last semester the union of marketing hacks had decided to get rid of university students as a desired marketing demographic. Thus, only three give-aways during the whole of the semester. But, elections in Vienna are coming up and all kinds of newspapers are hawking people for subscriptions, so the give-aways are back. Here’s one:

For the sake of full disclosure I’ll have to admit that it was indeed my girlfriend who received this wonderful give-away. As to the origin, we’re still fighting. She says someone from the People’s Party gave it to her, but I think I saw people from the Greens drinking that stuff at their booth today. Any which way, the stuff tasted vile.

Uni give-away #2 and #3 and some words on amateurish elections

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Today I finally got ahold of two new give-aways. This part of my website has been suffering from a scandalous lack of entries, mainly because I have failed to pay attention to potential away-givers. Which again is due to an extensive use of my mobile mp3-player. Well, since elections for the students union are coming up, more and more people try to hand me stuff, so today I caved in:

Since I’m not inclined to do any kind of propaganda for these people, I’ve smudged the name of the pleading party. But I like the lighter, it seems solid enough and it’s refillable. The pen, well, it’s just another pen, but it’s free, so I won’t complain.

I’d rather complain about something else: I’m not going to be in Austria during the election (31st of May until 2nd of June), so I asked someone at the students union if there’s an option to vote before or maybe via Internet or absentee ballot. Well, there’s no option. Now, I do understand the plea of the student union to go and vote, because last time a mere 28% of the student body did vote. Which is disastrous and casts a certain light on the perceived importance of the students union. But if it’s so damn important for us to vote, why isn’t it possible for people who are not able to be there? Doesn’t this seem a bit provincial, amateurish even?

Uni day and give-away

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Today was the second day of the present semester, and once again I was reminded why I like university life. Attending lectures, walking through the halls of the main university building, buzzing with people excited to start their new independent life of being a student depending on parents or the state, having a grizzly coffee at the little university café, meeting friends and brothers in arms (well, sisters too…after all, it is International Women’s Day today), these are all things that make me feel…well, good. I’m actually DOING something.

Another great thing of course are the give-aways. Publishing houses trying to sell newspaper subscriptions, financial institutions trying to lure you into opening yet another student-account, they’re all out to get you. And most of the time they’ve got something for you to keep them in your memory. Today’s give-away (the bottle to the left, in case you haven’t noticed…or have noticed and been wondering what it was) is from yet another bank…I didn’t tell the person who handed it out that I already have an account with their bank (not that she would have cared, being just another student trying to earn some money). The drink, supposedly an “energy” drink, is aptly titled “Shark”, because it’s common knowledge that sharks are really energetic, especially when it comes to studying and opening accounts at financial institutions. Whatever. It’s still a good piece to start my new periodical…university give-aways. From now on I’ll post pictures of every little thing I get handed at the university…let’s see if it pays being a student.