Barcamp Vienna 09

Modul University
Last weekend saw the 2009 edition of another Barcamp here in Vienna. As always since the inception of two-day barcamps, I only managed to attend one of the two days.

The location was amazing, not only because private Modul University is allowing you a fantastic view all over Vienna but because it somehow manages to motivate some of their student so far as to spend their spare time working at a Barcamp. And even though I’m always a bit spooked out by that sort of efficiency, I must admit that the organisation was absolutely flawless. Hell, they even had a name tag printed out for me!

The sessions were quite mixed but I managed to find a couple that turned out to be rather entertaining. Especially the last session on Saturday about the venerable Austrian “Internetrat” was both enlightening and madly amusing.

And I also managed to be a bit social, expanding the list of Twitter followers I’ve met in real life by, among others, @liechentecker, @sueholzer and @leyrer, not to mention all the new people now showing up in my Twitter stream.

Thanks again to the organizers and all those people who prepared sessions, you did a very fine job.

Here’s a couple more pictures, for the more graphically inclined.

Barcamp Vienna 08 (this is the recap)

As hinted in my post a few days back, Barcamps are always a lot of fun, the food is a plenty and people are interesting. Well, wasn’t anything different this time. Very well organized by a bunch of dedicated Barcampers. Thanks again to you all!

Numerous people have already written up more eloquent recaps of the event, so I’ll just leave you with a couple of pictures.


Food, good The food. Awesome selection. For whatever reason, I only took a single plate. I could still slap myself for that. In fact, I just did.

MetaAnd finally Ritchie, who, equipped with the same camera, took a shitload of nice pictures (one of which is of your gracious host in the exact same pose).

Barcamp Vienna 08 at HP (this is just an announcement, not the actual post about a Barcamp, silly)

Tomorrow is Barcamp Vienna.

I’ve been to Barcamps before here in Vienna, and they were all great fun. Smart, interesting people, great presentations, good food. This one will be on Saturday and Sunday, and even though, unlike other people, I have not the faintest idea what I will present or whether I’ll actually present, I think it’ll be just as much fun as all the others.

Come too, and say hello. To me, of course.

And so that was Barcamp…

… and it was fun!

Our presentation of went down quite well with the crowd, and the ensuing discussion was actually quite a bit more vibrant than I had initially expected.

I saw a few very interesting presentations, and the venue, WerkzeugH, proved to be a great place for an unconference. It also seems like a really good place to just hang out, so I guess that’s what I’m going to do in the near future. With free Wifi, sofas, cheap drinks and friendly people, what else would you need?

Last but not least, give-aways:

Barcamp Vienna Something to wake people up.

Barcamp Vienna And of course a t-shirt.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay until the end, but I’m really excited to see how shittr turned out.