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Pink Bike Stencil

Yes, it’s a photo of a pink bike stencil. And it’s being sold in scores all over the world RIGHT NOW! Liz-Books, a publishing company in France that creates all sorts of coffee-table photo-books centered around various themes wanted to include this picture in their book Pink Attitude, and being the gracious person I am, I let them.

So if you want to own a piece of a real Richard-photography-publishing, go and buy the book (you are, I assume, already in possession of real Richard-writing publishing, right?). The picture is, I think, on page 325.

(The above link to the book is for If you are not living in the US of A or need the book to be shipped to the Old World for whatever reasons {including birthday presents to family living abroad, which this book would be ideal for!} use Amazon France for ordering. Bonne chance!)

25 seconds of hail

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Living directly under the roof has its perks. Like knowing when it’s time get up, which would be the time the pigeons start sliding down your windows and are making a whole lot of that fucking early-bird-catches-the-worm noise.

Or in winter, when it gets really cold, forcing you to turn up that heater. Or in summer, when it gets so hot, you can either decide to stay in and perish or decide to go out and return after dark.

But living directly under the roof also has its downsides. Like when there’s some nice and healthy hail and your windows, slanted of course, are not made of bullet-proof glass and you’ve got a certain history with leaking windows and roofs anyway.

Which was the case today. So please, enjoy being in our shoes for the next 25 seconds (plural is no sign for delusions of grandeur, I’m actually referring to my girlfriend and me):

Bratislava, beauty on the danube (official nickname)

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Nový Most by night

So we went on a weekend trip to Bratislava for my sweetheart’s birthday. As always, I couldn’t refrain from thoroughly documenting our endeavours. I will post a few updates in the coming week about the trip, until then, have a look at the Bratislava set I uploaded to Flickr (including real names and tags, woohoo!).

The Martini Chronicles Pt.7 – My own creation

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The Martini Chronicles Pt.7

And in rapid succession, here comes the latest installment of the Martini Chronicles. On a whim, I decided yesterday to create a 50-50 Martini, but with a twist. A Vodka twist! That’s right, I made a Vodka Martini, with three parts Vodka and three parts dry Vermouth.

Glasses of course were chilled to perfection, and the lemon wedge was big. I think I like the Vodka Martini more and more, but always with the caveat that it isn’t of course a real Martini.

Nevertheless, I’ll try to fill up a small bottle of Vermouth tonight, so that I may be able to have a Vodka Martini at the Tupalo bash (which, according to the invitation, is sponsored by Absolut Vodka). I do hope they have lemons too.