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25 seconds of hail

Living directly under the roof has its perks. Like knowing when it’s time get up, which would be the time the pigeons start sliding down your windows and are making a whole lot of that fucking early-bird-catches-the-worm noise.

Or in winter, when it gets really cold, forcing you to turn up that heater. Or in summer, when it gets so hot, you can either decide to stay in and perish or decide to go out and return after dark.

But living directly under the roof also has its downsides. Like when there’s some nice and healthy hail and your windows, slanted of course, are not made of bullet-proof glass and you’ve got a certain history with leaking windows and roofs anyway.

Which was the case today. So please, enjoy being in our shoes for the next 25 seconds (plural is no sign for delusions of grandeur, I’m actually referring to my girlfriend and me):

Bratislava, beauty on the danube (official nickname)

Nový Most by night

So we went on a weekend trip to Bratislava for my sweetheart’s birthday. As always, I couldn’t refrain from thoroughly documenting our endeavours. I will post a few updates in the coming week about the trip, until then, have a look at the Bratislava set I uploaded to Flickr (including real names and tags, woohoo!).

The Martini Chronicles Pt.7 – My own creation

The Martini Chronicles Pt.7

And in rapid succession, here comes the latest installment of the Martini Chronicles. On a whim, I decided yesterday to create a 50-50 Martini, but with a twist. A Vodka twist! That’s right, I made a Vodka Martini, with three parts Vodka and three parts dry Vermouth.

Glasses of course were chilled to perfection, and the lemon wedge was big. I think I like the Vodka Martini more and more, but always with the caveat that it isn’t of course a real Martini.

Nevertheless, I’ll try to fill up a small bottle of Vermouth tonight, so that I may be able to have a Vodka Martini at the Tupalo bash (which, according to the invitation, is sponsored by Absolut Vodka). I do hope they have lemons too.

What I eat

Two reasons to write the following posting. First one is to tell you of that little service that’s tied to Twitter, FoodFeed. It lets you send messages to Twitter, detailing what you’re having. The result then looks like this.
It’s fun while it lasts (which was about three days for me), and I guess when you’re really diligent, it’ll be sweet to see what you’ve had two years ago.

Reason number two is to show you that we are indeed ingesting things other than Martinis in copious amounts. So here, take pleasure in what we had the last days:


This was dinner two days ago. Tasty home-made fries, red vegetables and a big, ole steak.


The next day saw a breakfast of rice pudding with roasted almonds and raspberries. Quite the treat.

And yesterday we indulged in something even more delicate. Pork slowly cooked in a rhubarb-honey paste, then roasted and served with noodles, fresh peppers, coriander, cress and scallions. It was fantastic:

Pork (among other things)

Well, hope that’s proof enough that I haven’t yet switched to hard alcohol as my main calorie-provider.

The Martini Chronicles Pt.4

The Martini Chronicles Pt.4
I have to admit it, I am a man of extremes. While the last chronicle featured a very sweet Martini, this here chronicle will detail a rather dry affair.

The recipe used, as mentioned last time, I got from here. The thing that sets it apart from most other recipes, is its very scant use of Vermouth. Which is actually not exactly true. There is quite a bit of Vermouth used, only it’s not there to drink. You see, this recipe had me not mix the Vermouth with the Gin, but instead only coat the chilled glass by swirling the Vermouth in it. Surplus Vermouth I had to discard.

Being the clever fox I am, I already knew that my girlfriend wouldn’t want to be part of this very special experiment, so I shook the gin, poured it into my Vermouth-coated glass, then added an ample amount of sweet Vermouth to the remaining Gin in the shaker. This mixture was then poured into my girlfriend’s glass. She was content (well, almost; I still had to add a bit more water to the mix).

The actual Martini Dry I made for myself was, well, very dry. But the thing is, the drier your Martini, the smaller your sips are. So I started sipping gently, and suddenly the Gin’s flavour, coupled with the tiny amount of Vermouth, kicked in. It’s a delicate kind of Martini, and I recommend it to those not in a hurry.

This batch also saw the introduction of olive-impalement, as opposed to free floating ones:
Martini Cooking

Having learned in above recipe that ideally the olive(s) should be eaten before having your first sip, I had to discard the method of the free-floating olive, as it only facilitated the ingestion of the olive after downing the whole drink.

And as a special bonus, here’s what it looks like when you’re cooking with a Martini:

Martini Cooking

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